TV & Radio


On Newsnight, discussing sex and drugs in politics

On Channel 4, discussing sexism in Westminster

On Channel 5 News talking about the Calais and Dunkirk camps

On Radio 5 arguing that peers doing cocaine and using prostitutes is none of our business (01:42:20)

Speech on data linkage for academics at the Shard

On RT, talking about Cameron’s negotiations in Europe

On the Jeremy Vine show talking about Tory civil war over Europe (07:30 onwards)

On Channel 5 News talking about Nicola Sturgeon’s US tour

On Channel 4 News talking about racial regregation and ‘safe spaces’.

On the Jeremy Vine Show, talking about the Question Time debate (37:00 onwards)

On Election Today looking over the day’s election news (15:00 onwards)

On the Jeremy Vine Show, taking stock of the BBC debate (08:20 onwards)

On RT, talking about a new gagging order against civil servants

On BBC’s Election Today looking at Trident and negative campaigning (11:00 onwards).

On BBC’s Election Today on the seven-way leaders’ debate (13:00 onwards).

On Channel 5 News talking about politician’s photo ops.

On BBC News talking about Cameron’s fear of the TV debates and why a Labour-SNP deal could save the Union.

On BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show, on why MPs deserve neither second jobs nor a pay rise (34:20 onwards)

On BBC Radio 5 Live’s Hit List on Ukip and racism (23:20 onwards)

On Daily Politics, on Page 3 and freedom of speech

On Channel 5 talking about the politics of the poppy

On Radio 5 Live on the poppies… again (06:30 onwards)

On the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2, explaining why the poppy has become too political (35:00 onwards)

At a Libertarian Home debate, discussing the cost of living crisis 

At the Daily Express, arguing for a generous welfare system

On the Daily Politics, discussing Ebola, the EU referendum and Ed Miliband’s bad luck

On the Today programme, outlining the Liberal Democrat’s difficulties at the party’s autumn conference (02:53:00)

On London Live, explaining why Ukip’s London defection means nothing

On London Live, arguing against a ban on smoking in the car with children

On Channel 5 News, arguing that Baroness Warsi made a smart move resigning over Gaza

On BBC London, arguing that the Met police are institutionally racist (01:14:00 onwards)

On the Alan Titchmarsh Show, arguing against positive discrimination (18:40 onwards)

On South African TV, arguing that our MPs are poor because they are chosen for conformity, not ability.

On Voice of Russia arguing against a ban on smoking in cars with children

On BBC Radio 5 Live talking about Labour’s armed services bill and efforts to kill off a referendum on an EU referendum (02:48:00 onwards) (24/01/14) (Lasts one week)

On Voice of Russia, arguing that personal morality and professional effectiveness are separate things (14/01/14)

On BBC Radio Wales, discussing the future of parliamentary sketch writing (38 mins onwards) (12/01/14) (Lasts one week)

On Channel 5 News arguing against a pay rise for MPs (12/12/13)

Question and Answer session: Bournemouth University Politics Society (18/10/13)

Speech to Bournemouth University Politics Society: Dangers to freedom of speech in the digital age (18/10/13)

Video: Attacking austerity, on the Voice of Russia (20/09/13)

Radio debate on Voice of Russia about Israeli/Palestinian negotiations (07/08/13)

On the Islam Channel, attacking plans to privatise probation services (31/05/13)

On Russia Today, challenging the idea that terror attacks in London can be blamed on multiculturalism (24/05/13)

On Al-Jazeera debating the legacy of Margaret Thatcher (09/04/13)

Radio debate on Voice of Russia on the legacy of Hugo Chavez (12/03/13)

Radio debate on Voice of Russia attacking the decision to give the EU the Nobel Peace Prize (12/12/12)

Radio debate on Voice of Russia, defending the BBC against criticism over the Jimmy Saville affair (25/10/12)

Radio debate on Voice of Russia, attacking plans for the police to carry guns (26/09/12)

(For appearances on the LBC Roundtable with Ian Collins click here.) tv2


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